Union Beach Soccer Association By Laws

Union Beach Soccer Association

Union Beach, New Jersey



Established in 1976



This organzation shall be known as the Union Beach Soccer Assocation (UBSA). Our clothes will be green and white.  We will host recreation and travel soccer, for both boys and girls.



The purpose of this of this oragnaiztion is to provide an opprotunity for youth ro participate and develop their skills in the sport of soccer & sportsmanship in a safe envisorment.  The goal of the orhanzation is to develop and guide our youth in a postive manner.  Any conduct that strays from these principles will not be tolerated.  Good Sportsmanship is expected from anyone associated with UBSA including coaches, players, parents, family and friends.



The Union Beach Soccer Association is affiliated member of the Mid-New Jersey Youth Soccer Association, New Jersey State Youth Soccer Association, United States Youth Soccer Association and the United States Soccer Federation.




  1.  The initial formation of the UBSA Executive Board will remain in place for 2 years.  Each officer shall hold their term of office for two years beginning on July 1st and ending June 30th of the second year. 
  2. Voting will be done in the June meeting and will be done by the general membership of the league.
    1. UBSA general membership of the league will be considered as of the following:
      1. If you are the parent or guardian of child registered in the league.
      2. If you are currently a board member.
      3. A coach registered in the league.
  3. The officers shall be as follows:
    1. President
    2. 1st Vice Present of Rec
    3. 2nd Vice President  of Rec
    4. Vice President of Travel – Mid NJ
    5. Vice President of Travel - MOSA
    6. Secretary
    7. Treasurer
    8. 2 Trustees
      1. All position will be voted on by the general membership
  4. The following will be representatives of the Board:
    1. Field Coordinator Chairperson
    2. Snack Stand Coordinator
    3. Rec Referee Assignor
    4. Website Coordinator
      1. All positions above will be appointed and voted on by the Executive Board.


  1. All officers shall abide by the Bylaws of the Union Beach Soccer Association and New Jersey Youth Soccer.  This executive board shall approve the appointment of head coaches and assistant coaches of the association.  This authority includes the right to remove and/ or replace a coach or assistant coach at any time.  The executive board has the right to suspend, bar completely, or discipline a player, coach, assistant coach, or member for due cause.  Due cause includes, but is not limited to: failure to comply with rules and regulations, failure to fulfill membership requirements, any violent or abusive action/language or any action disruptive to club operations or hinders the fulfillment of club objectives.  These actions must be a majority vote of the executive board.

Section A-  President- Shall preside and conduct all meetings.  Shall prepare agenda for meetings and contact coaches on the dates of the meetings.  Shall handle correspondence with major issues concerning the league.  Shall have one vote.

Section B-  1st Vice President Rec-  Shall set up Rec registrations, set up date for drafting players, and maintain rosters for teams, set practice and game schedules.  Can sign official documents in President’s absence.  Shall have one vote.

Section C-  2nd Vice President Rec- Assists the 1st Vice-President of Rec with any duties in Section B above.  Orders uniforms for all rec players.  Responsible for all sponsors and advertising.  Shall have one vote.

Section D-  Vice-President Traveling- Shall set up traveling team registrations, maintain rosters for teams, set practice & game time schedules, inputs game times/rosters/scores into Mid-New Jersey website, responsible for contact with Mid-New Jersey & regional referee assignor,  responsible for coaches packets, required to attend Mid-New Jersey meetings during the year.  Can sign official documents in President’s absence.  Shall have one vote.

Section E-  The Secretary shall keep all minutes of meetings and shall be custodian of all official documents.  Shall keep a current list of all members and their addresses.  Shall keep an attendance record.  Will assist with correspondence with coaches, board, parents, outside agencies.  Shall maintain custody of all records, correspondence & bylaws.  Shall maintain all field permits and make updates as needed to field schedules for practice and games.  Shall handle the mailing and PO Box for the organization.  Shall order and get supplies as needed.  Shall have one vote.

Section F-  The Treasurer shall receive all money from the vice presidents for rec & traveling.  Shall make deposits to the bank.  Shall report of all monies, receipts and disbursements at the meeting and since the previous meeting.  Shall keep thorough and accurate records dealing with registrations, fund-raising, snack stand, equipment order, etc.  Shall authorize expenditures that have been agreed to by a majority of the voting board.  All expenditures must be correctly logged and have supporting documentation.  Shall reconcile the bank statement and checkbook every month.  Shall forfeit the records upon demand by the trustees for an audit when requested.  Shall maintain a record of returned checks and complete measures to attempt to collect these funds.  Shall have one vote.

Section G- The Trustees shall be responsible to see that these bylaws are upheld by all members and to audit the books of the Treasurer and Secretary any time.  A letter in writing must be submitted to the Treasurer or Secretary.  They have five business days to respond.  While the Trustees have no vote, they have the capability to advise the Board of any problems in writing for resolution.  Should the Board be unable to resolve the problem with a suitable period of time, i.e. two weeks, the Trustees shall be able to bring the matter to attention of the general membership at the next meeting.   Trustees have no vote.

Section H-  Field Coordinator- Ensure fields have proper measurement & lining, maintain supply of paint, correspond with public works department on upkeep, and ensure goal posts are safely secure.

Section I-  Snack Stand Coordinators- Shall purchase refreshments, assist parents during work bond commitment, ensure parents sign work bond book, maintain work bond schedule, pay rec referees, maintain financial records for snack stand expenses and profits, correspond with Treasurer regarding the snack stand financial record.

Section J-  Rec Referee Assignor- Shall create referee schedule for in-town games, correspond with referees regarding timeslots and rules, present referee schedule to the Board before Saturday morning games begin.

Section K- Website/Media Coordinator- Shall maintains website and all media outlets with any updates.  They will also assist in the online registration process.




Section A-  Nominations will be accepted at the May meeting, one month prior to the bi-annual election meeting.

Section B-  The executive board shall be elected by the general club membership at the bi-annual election meeting.

Section C-  Any challenged nomination shall result in a ballot vote at the bi-annual election meeting.  Absentee ballots will be allowed only upon approval by the executive board after receiving written request.  In the event of a ballot vote, the Trustees shall be responsible for the collection and tallying of votes.  Once the floor is open for ballot voting, voting shall be open for 1 hour.

Section D-  Any non-challenged nomination will result in a motion by general attendance at the meeting as “Accepted”.

Section E-  Nominations can only be for any member in good standing, as determined by the executive board,  with one year active participation (July 1 of previous year- June 30th of current year) with the association and having attended 3 general membership meetings within the pass year of July 1- June 30th.  Any member given notice of being on probation or with any unresolved issues as determined by the executive board, cannot be nominated.  No member can be nominated that serves as an officer of another soccer club within the state.  Any member, who has resigned from the board at any given point, cannot be nominated for a board position unless the executive board votes on it and agrees to an exception.

Section F-  Voting members consist of all persons eighteen years of age or older who have children registered in the association, or who currently hold an officer’s position, coach, assistant coach, referee, or committee chairperson.  These members must have attended at least 3 general membership meetings in the pass year.   

Section G- All Executive Board members must live within the town limits.  Trustees and General Membership are welcomed from all towns.   No two members of the same household may hold executive board positions at the same time.

Section H-  All officers shall hand off to their successors all documents and outstanding association business by July 1st.  An audit shall be completed before the new board takes office for the fall season.




Any officer who shall fail to perform his/her duty, or be absent from 3 consecutive meetings without valid reason shall have their position reviewed by the board if it shall be considered vacant.

Written notification must be made if it has been found that any position has not been maintained in an efficient manner and to request an officer’s resignation for not complying with these bylaws.  This notification should be sent by registered mail by the board or trustees.  Any officer may voluntarily resign from their position but must do son in writing.  The executive board will appoint an eligible member to fill any vacancy to be held until the end of the given season.  During the next season, a quick election will be held for this vacant position.




No coach, team, referee, player, or other member may invoke aid of the courts of any State or of the United States without first exhausting all available remedies within the appropriate soccer organization set forth in the Constitution and By-Laws of the NJYSA, USYSA and USSF.

Section A-  For any violation of this rule, the offending parties shall be subject to the sanctions of suspension and fines, and shall be liable to Union Beach Soccer Association and/or the NJYSA, USYSA or USSF for all expenses, including but not limited to those set forth below, incurred by any such organization, or their affiliates and officers in defending each court action:

  1. Court costs;
  2. Attorney’s fees;
  3. Reasonable compensation for time spent by officers and employees in responding to and defending against the allegations in the action, including responses to discovery and court appearances;
  4. Travel expenses; and
  5. Expenses for holding special UBSA and NJYSA Board of Directors or Executive Board meetings to discuss the court action.

Section B-  No coach, team, referee, officer, player, member or the representative of any of the foregoing individuals may be returned to good standing until litigation has ended and all costs, fines, fees, and expenses paid, unless the return to good standing is decided by the Union Beach Soccer Association Executive Board in the exercise of its sold discretion.



All registrations and team assignments for the Union Beach Soccer Association will be handled by the executive board members. 


Registration for REC will be open for two months leading up to opening day for the season. 


Travel registration will be done one to two months before the beginning of the travel season.


No refunds will be given after the season has started.  No exceptions.


Due to Covid-19 the Spring Season for 2020 has been canceled.  We are offering our players two options. Leave your registration fee and we will roll it over to the fall season. All you would have to do in the fall would be a new work bond check if you paid by check. 2. We can issue you a refund. If you choose a refund please email us at ubsa1976@gmail.com.  All requests must be submitted by June 30, 2020.  




  • Fees will be determined on an annual basis for both REC and Travel.  The fee structure will be announced at the May general meeting every year. 
  • Executive Board members, coaches, asst. coaches and committee coordinator/chairpersons will pay a work deposit but it will be return at the end of the season.
  • Hardship cases will be taken into consideration.  A payment plan can be offered to parents/guardians for member who are in good standing with the club for one (1) full year.  These payment plans will be handled by the treasurer of the organization.
  • Registration fees are due in full at the time of the registration for Rec and Travel.
    • Travel –
      • Travel Coaches will collect the full payment and turn them in by the due date as set forth by the VP of Travel and Treasurer.  If payment plans are needed, this must be discussed before the due date.
      • Any travel player payment received after the due date will be subject to a $25.00 late fee per a child.
    • REC –
      • Payments for REC are due in full at the time of registration with the work bond for payment as well.  Credit Card or Debit card is accepted only online with online registration.  Cash and/or checks are accepted in person.  If a separate check is given for the work bond, this check will only be cashed at the end of the season if your work bond duty is not completed.
      • Any late registration that done after the end date for REC registration, a $25.00 late fee will be applied per a child.